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Join William Lee, Jr – author, business mogul, and recipient of the Hardest Working Man of North Carolina Award– as he embarks on another breakout session of insightful book coaching.This tour offers a full line-up of brand and strategy dialogue to help aspiring authors, small business owners, and influencers define and create impactful content for their readers. Each interactive session focuses on the possibilities of break-through success and how it is attainable with clear branding tools and dedication.During this educational tour, attendees will be challenged on their way of thinking when it comes to book branding and management. If the following topics interest you, we promise you don’t want to miss this tour when it comes to a city near you!

This workshop is for:

Entrepreneurs, Authors, Aspiring Authors, Coaches, Small Business Owners, Bloggers, Leaders, Influencers, Executive Professionals and those that want to share content, share their stories and change the lives of others.

If you have any questions about an event (i.e. location, time, etc) please contact us at Cathy:

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